Poem about Louvre made by AI

Beauty is hidden in the Louvre,
that will never be lost
in the halls of fame and in the arts
the heart just dances.

Where else but in Paris
in the center of love and romance,
here stands the beautiful Louvre,
that captivates you.

Hundreds of guns in every room,
painted and sculpted beauties,
lures us into silence
where only our breath and heart sound.

When I walk with you through the Louvre
it's like our little world
as if we were in another time
in another dimension, another world.

Whether together we stand before Venus,
or in front of Mona Lisa,
this place will draw us together
and awakens love in us.

However, the Louvre is not only about art,
it is also a proof of love and passion,
that pulsates in every piece,
and it awakens in us again and again.

Louvre at night
Louvre at night